Finoven gallery

In this gallery you can see several examples of finovens built by Vuurmeesters. There are large, small, free standing, rounded and corner models. We also build finoven woodcookers and and models with a bake-oven. They can all be adapted according to your wishes. Many finovenmodels can be extended with a stone bench through which the hot gases flow.
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P1000386.jpg  6009002611.jpg  6004021529.jpg  P3110007.jpg  6007001189.jpg  P8240001.jpg  DSCF8599.jpg  P1020216.jpg  6007001270.jpg  6004021571.jpg  P1000461.jpg  1 augustus huis 026.jpg  P6200027.jpg  P6020022.jpg  5906025028.jpg  PB050004.jpg  finoven met bank.jpg  P1000685.jpg  P1000824.jpg  PA230038.jpg  4 augustus kachel 060.jpg  PC050046.jpg  PC190047.jpg  6009002323.jpg  P1010534.jpg  P6220003.jpg  6004021137.jpg  PC050052.jpg