Hands-on heater building Workshop.

Vuurmeesters regularly organizes workshops about the construction and functioning of accumulating heaters. These workshops are open for anyone who has an interest in accumulating stoves. All aspects of the stove building process are discussed and shown, such as foundations, insulation, handling machines, reading plans and knowledge of materials. After attending a workshop, it is quite possible to build a simple stove on your own.

During our workshops we prefer to build at least two heat sources, such as a massive adobe heater and a wood-burning cookstove. These sources of heat are constructed by the participants under guidance and with the help of experienced stove builders. At the beginning of the workshop, we start with a bare floor and at the end of the week we hope to light the first small fire. Usually a workshop -depending on the project- takes five working days.

During the workshop we give a series of presentations on subjects such as wood combustion and the building process of a massive heater, and the participants visit a previously built Vuurmeesters-stove.

These intensive workshops can be seen as a short training to become a professional stove builder. All the basics are covered and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to discuss projects. Participants also receive a substantial discount on our Finoven price list. A number of participants from the Netherlands and Belgium even started their own company after following a Vuurmeesters stove-building workshop.

The accumulating heat sources build during the workshop are actually used by the client where the workshop takes place. The heaters are always build on location, for example in a special-care farm or restaurant. Participants can therefore later revisit the site and exchange experiences.

Are you interested in attending a stove construction workshop? Feel free to read the reports (in Dutch) made during previously organized workshops or sign up for a workshop on the sign-up page. On this page you can also sign up for our mailinglist.

Participation in a stove construction workshop and use of all machinery and equipment is at your own risk.
Besides organizing workshops Vuurmeesters also gives expert advice and we sell all the materials needed to build a massive heater at our webshop.