Accessories for a good fire

Vuurmeesters supplies everything needed for a good wood-firing experience. If you want to order any of these products, please visit our webshop or contact us.

Fire starters
We sell fire-starters of the Evergreen brand. These eco-friendly firelighters burn well and are easy to set alight. They are suitable for starting a fire in all massive stoves, fireplaces and barbecues. These non-odorous blocks burn 12 to 15 minutes. They are composed of 50 percent wood shavings and of 50 percent rapeseed oil. It is an ecological product with no petrochemical additives. Packed per 32 pieces, also available in a carton of 24 packs.

Oven Brush
The oven brush is a practical tool to clean the stone floor of the oven and make it dust-free after firing . The wire brush is attached to a long wooden handle. After sweeping the oven floor with the oven brush, the oven is ready for baking.

Fire Irons
We sell different kinds of fire irons. We have versions made out of a single piece of forged metal, with or without a wooden handle.
Recently we have added unique hand forged fire irons made by the artist Jan Bot. These fire irons can rightly be called pieces of art.

Chimney sweep sets
We sell flexible chimney sweeping rods and plastic brushes suitable to do your own chimney sweeping. These are available in various lengths, diameters and designs.