Parts and Accessories

Vuurmeesters supplies an extensive range of accessories that are necessary or helpful for heating, baking or cooking with wood. The products we supply are of high quality and we use them daily. In our showroom most of these items can be viewed and inspected.
Click on the menu above for specific products tailored for Cooking, making a Fire or Axes and Logmatic.
Most of these products can be directly ordered through our webshop. For the products not available on the webshop, please feel free to contact us.

Accessories for cooking
We supply cooking utensils such as different types of thermometers, solid oven mitts, peels and pizza-shovels, soapstone baking-plates and soapstone pans.

Everything you need for a good fire
Vuurmeesters supplies everything needed for a good firing experience. From imported firelighters and hand forged pokers to professional chimney sweeping sets.

Axes and Logmatic Woodsplitters
Wood must be cleaved so that it can dry and fit in the firing room. We supply large hatchets suitable for all sorts of timber and also have axes of the brand Estwing, forged out of a single piece of steel. We also provide the safe, efficient and easy to use Logmatic woodsplitter from Finland. We're happy to give you a demonstration!

Building Materials
Vuurmeesters supplies all specialized materials and components needed to build a massive stove yourself. Products like clay bricks, fireproof bricks but also cast iron fireplace doors made by the Finnish company Narvi and insulation materials. These products can be found in our webshop.

We also supply chimney materials. For information about our wide range of double and single wall steel chimneys of the brands Ontop, Holetherm and Poujoulat please contact us. We supply both professional stove builders and people building their own stoves.