Axes and Logmatics

Logmatic woodsplitter
The Logmatic is a simple logging tool that has been developed in Finland. This woodsplitter is simple, efficient and safe and makes logging a lot less tiring. The risk of an accident is dramatically reduced because the whole process of splitting a piece of wood is under continuous control. Because the Logmatic operates by the moving down a rod in a closed cylinder, it takes a minimum of physical effort. Because you are standing straight behind the Logmatic, it is mainly the arm muscles doing the work, instead of the back.

The Logmatic wood splitter consists of a cylinder with a wedge-shaped point and a heavy rod which runs in the cylinder. The wedge-shaped point is placed on the timber. Then, by the lifting and dropping the heavy rod the wedge safely splits the wood. If the wood is not split on the first try, this action can be repeated untill the wood is split. The Logmatic is designed to cleave wood that is placed on the ground. A manual is included in the box. Read it thoroughly before first use.

The Logmatic can be ordered in our webshop or can be picked up at our showroom in Diepenheim.
We regularly give Logmatic demonstrations. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment.

We sell splitting axes and hand axes of the American brand Estwing. These axes are forged from one piece of metal and are of high quality. Specific information, dimensions, weight and price can be found on our webshop. These axes can also be seen in our showroom.