Soapstone heater introduction

Soapstone heaters are a perfect heat source made out of Finnish soapstone. Soapstone is an ancient natural stone with qualities that make it extremely suitable for heating purposes. Through the layered structure and heavy mass the stone rapidly absorbs energy, stores it and then radiates the heat fast and smoothly into the house. Vuurmeesters builds massive soapstone heaters of the brand Tulikivi. We are certified dealer of this innovative Finnish company via their distributor for the Benelux, Dutry & Co.
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The Finnish bedrock from which we build our massive heaters has a soft gray color, can be easily worked and has a silky smooth touch. The natural stone has a high specific weight and density. It is mined in Finland in an environmentally friendly manner in an outdoor pit. The Tulikivi stones are cut to size in the soapstone quarry in Finland and are then delivered to Vuurmeesters as a complete package. The construction of a typical soapstone heater takes only one to two days, depending on the model.

Through the use of the countercurrent principle and the specially-developed Tulikivi firing room, the energy of the wood is efficiently stored by the soapstone mass throughout the whole combustion process. The hot flue gases, which reach a temperature in the combustion chamber of about 1000 degrees Celsius, are cooled by first being guided upwards and then downwards again. At the end of this process they reach a temperature of approximately 200 degrees Celsius when they enter the chimney. This means the heat will be stored in the mass of the heater instead of escaping through the chimney. With normal use a soapstone heater needs to be fired shortly only once or twice a day for a full day of pleasant radiant heat. A combustion efficiency of approximately 85% is easily reachable with a Tulikivi soapstone heater. This high efficiency can be further increased by expanding the heater with a comfortable heated bench.

A soapstone heater is an environmentally friendly way of heating your house. The heater will last a lifetime; the building materials are of high quality and are extremely durable. Through the very high combustion temperatures the heater burns clean and economical. In addition, wood is an inexhaustably renewable source of energy, and burning wood does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Because of the long wave infrared radiation your health benefits from a soapstone heater as well. Our heaters produce radiant heat and the air temperature remains relatively constant and retains its natural humidity. Instead of heating air our heaters warm you and your house directly. This calm and quiet way of heating causes less air movement than for example a metal heater or heating radiators. Gentle radiant heat penetrates deep into the body and is relaxing for skin, circulation, muscles and joints. Our heaters are described by satisfied customers as heaters you can cuddle.

Three Tulikivi soapstone heaters can be viewed and inspected during a visit to our showroom. Here you can also experience their pleasant radiant heat. At present we have these models:
TU 1000/ 91, a light soapstone heater, especially suitable for a small house.
TLU 2000/ 91, a soapstone heater / oven combination, expanded with a heated bench made out of soapstone.
LLU 1250, a soapstone cookstove which is used daily for cooking and baking.
Our showroom is open by appointment only, feel free to make an appointment for a visit.