Adobe heater introduction

In 1995 Vuurmeesters introduced the use of unfired compressed adobe blocks and pure adobe plaster in massive masonry heaters.
An adobe stove is a high efficiency heater with an outer layer of adobe stones that is build on location. By using compressed unfired adobe bricks as an outer layer it is possible to realize almost any shape; the adobe bricks -a compressed mixture of clay and sand- can be easily worked. Rounded or minimalistic, big or small, any shape is possible. By using these natural materials Vuurmeesters can realize a personal and unique heater. Most stoves are finished with a final layer of ocher-coloured adobe plaster. After the stove has dried, it can be painted with a mineral paint made by companies like Kreidezeit or Uula.

We design and build heaters with integrated stairs, stoves that resemble or incorporate shapes of trees, masonry heaters that can be climbed, but also sleek and modern freestanding models. It is possible to extend the stove with a heated bench or wall. By combining these possibilities, a truly personalized heater can be created. A wood-fired oven can also be included in most of our heaters.

The Dutch adobe stone we use comes in heavy bricks with a large capacity for accumulating heat. The stones are easy to work with, versatile and durable. Together with the refractory materials they form the basis for an efficient, safe and comfortable heat source. The masonry heater is finished with a layer of natural adobe plaster and has a cast iron fireplace door with ceramic glass so you can always enjoy the fire.

Our accumulating adobe heaters are fired with wood for only a short period. Due to the high combustion temperature in the firing room -made out of refractory bricks- and the use of the countercurrent principle we reach an efficiency of approximately 85%. By regularly firing an abobe heater you can save on your energy costs; the stove can serve as the main or additional source of heat in your home. The position of the heater in the house is important: the more centrally the stove is located, the better the radiant heat spreads. The heater can be build through walls and floors so that several rooms benefit from the heat of a single heater.

Due to the large mass an adobe heater requires a structurally sound foundation. An adobe heater also requires a functioning chimney. We gladly advise you regarding these subjects.