Vuurmeesters heaters

Vuurmeesters designs, ships and builds four different types of solid stone heat sources: adobe heaters, finovens, soapstone heaters and bake-ovens. In the menu above you can read more about each of these types.
Vuurmeesters elevates heating to a form of art. All our masonry heaters are environmentally friendly, durable and radiate pleasant heat. The heaters combine a long life with extremely high efficiency and can be adapted to your personal wishes. On this page we explain how this combination of qualities is achieved.

A personal heater:
Thanks to the use of compressed adobe bricks as a building material it is possible to realize almost every heater design. Modern, straight heaters that fit in a modern interior as well as models with rounded edges combined with natural shapes. Vuurmeesters provides a wide range of Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces and finovens. We are experienced in unique projects such as staircases with build-in heaters and models extended with heated benches.

Radiant heat:
Radiant heat is infrared radiation that warms directly and feels comfortable for humans and animals. After burning a basket of wood the heater radiates heat constantly for a whole day, warming the whole house with pleasant radiant heat. By regularly firing the heater will hardly cool down and will continuously radiate heat. Using metal wood heaters and central heating causes dust transport in the air and dust burning on hot surfaces. Our massive heaters create a pleasant indoor climate and do not suffer from these problems. The humidity is constant and temperature fluctuations are minimal.

Countercurrent principle:
In this principle of Finnish origin the hot combustion gases are first led upwards through the masonry heater, then go all the way down before they exit through the chimney. The temperature in the fire-room is approximately 1000 C. The temperature of the gases at the end of the process is approximately 150 C. This energy difference accumulates in the stone mass during the short firing period, after which this energy gradually radiates outwards from the heater, in the form of pleasant radiant heat. This principle is applied in all our heaters.

High efficiency and secondary combustion:
Our massive heaters have an efficiency of around 90%. This in contrast to an open fireplace which has an efficiency of approximately 5%. Our high efficiency is achieved by a high combustion temperature in the fire-room and the use of the countercurrent principle. The heater mass stores and accumulates energy from the fire and the hot gases very efficiently. Research has shown that the cleanest combustion occurs when air can reach the burning wood from multiple directions at the same time, through the side, bottom and the back of the firing room. All heaters, stoves and bake-ovens build by Vuurmeesters use this so-called secondary combustion. Through this optimal combustion the smoke leaving the chimney is very clean and the heater burns extremely economical. With a Vuurmeesters-heater you can save substantially on your heating costs.

Fuel and environment:
As fuel in our heaters we use the only renewable biofuel there is: wood. One kilogram of wood produces an average 3 kWh of energy. The high combustion temperature in the fire-room ensures that the wood is completely decomposed and makes light woods suitable for firing aswell. Even waste wood - if properly dried and clean - can be fired. When burning wood, all the CO2 that is released was absorbed out of the atmosphere by the tree during its growth. This makes burning wood in our masonry heaters CO2 neutral. The building materials used are environmentally friendly and have a low impact on the environment.

Heat exchanger in massive accumulating heaters:
Vuurmeesters imports the proven heat exchanger systems of the Austrian manufacturer Toby Hafner.
These patented systems consist of copper pipes pressed in an aluminum plate. Water flows through these pipes, absorbing the warmth from the fire. The heat exchanger is inserted between the inner and outer wall of the massive heater. A heat exchanger like this does not only fit in our adobe heaters, but can also be placed in our Tulikivi soapstone heaters, finovens and bake-ovens. Because of the place of the heat exchanger inside the heater, there is no effect on the clean combustion of the heater nor on the high efficiency. A hydraulic pump and control unit regulates this safe and certified system. A part of the heat generated in the heater may be used as floor and wall heating or can stored in a buffer tank.
Read more about our heat exchangers here.

Trade organisation WARM in the Netherlands:
Vuurmeesters is a board member of the trade organisation WARM in the Netherlands.
WARM stands for warmth accumulating renewable-fuel massive heaters. Professional stovebuilders who are engaged in the construction of these accumulating heaters have met and formed this association. The radiant heat, the ease of use, environmental friendliness and high combustion efficiency make these heaters the heat sources of the future.