Cookstoves and oven models

Vuurmeesters supplies and builds various models of stone cookstoves and ovens. There are finoven woodcookers and ovens, Tulikivi soapstone cookstoves and soapstone ovens, as well as custom adobe cookers and ovens.
Click on the name of each model to read more. For each model pictures or sketches are shown, as well as technical characteristics: weight, dimensions and required chimney diameter.


There are five different finoven cookstove models:
Finoven-cookstove Henna
Finoven-cookstove Hella
Finoven-cookstove Pikku-Henna
Finoven-cookstove Hemmo
Finoven-cookstove Heikki

We also supply and build a Tulikivi soapstone cookstove:
Tulikivi model LLU 1250

Vuurmeesters builds custom cookstoves as well; cookstoves designed according to your wishes. In these customized cookers a bake oven can be placed according to your wishes. There is a choice between brick or metal ovens, large or small cooking plates and whether to extend the heater with a heated bench, heated wall or a waterreservoir. The water in such a tank can be heated by the fire to be used for, for example, the dishes.

Bake ovens

Vuurmeesters sells various finoven models with a baking oven:
Oven Model Mikael
Oven Model Tune
Oven Model Tutti
Oven Model Tilla
Oven Model Tulia
Oven Model Terhi
Oven Model Lydia
Oven Model Pikku-Lydia
Oven Model Leila

In addition, Vuurmeesters sells and builds all Tulikivi soapstone heaters with a built-in oven. These can be found on the soapstone heaters model page.

Vuurmeesters also builds custom adobe heaters, which can be extended with a wood-fired oven. The baking oven can be located above the heater door, but also on the side or back of the accumulating adobe heater. We are happy to accomodate your wishes when designing these customized heaters together with you.