Introduction Ovens and Cookstoves

You can use our heaters not only for heating, but for preparing a variety of food as well. Tasty dishes can be prepared in an easy and environmentally friendly way by burning wood in our ovens or cookstoves. By firing a masonry heater with an oven a constant temperature can be achieved for all kinds of dishes, whether to bake, to cook or to simmer. A woodfire in the house not only provides warmth and comfort but can also contribute to a unique flavor.

Our masonry cookstoves have a cast iron cooking plate on which cooking is effortless. The small, compact firing room behind the furnace door creates an intense, hot fire. Because there are diffirences in temperature on the cast iron cooking plate, cooking is made easy. On the hottest area a kettle can be made to boil immediatly while a frying pan just next to it can simmer quietly. Everything is possible; quick and easy cooking, five minutes after lighting the fire; browning, reheating or defrosting a dish as well as keeping food warm. The firing room is made of refractory chamotte bricks. The weight of our cookstoves ranges from 750 to 1500 kilograms. We build our cookstoves on location, which takes on average two days. The outer shell is made of pressed adobe bricks, normal bricks or Finnish soapstone.

An oven is an opening in the heater made out of masonry stone or metal specifically designed for baking. The oven is closed with a special cast iron oven door. An oven can be included in an adobe heater, finoven, soapstone heater or cookstove, but we offer special oven models as well. In an accumulating masonry heater, a portion of wood is burned. If the fire is completely extinguished, the oven is ready to bake. Baking can be done directly on the brick floor of the oven or in an ovenproof dish or baking pan. Metal versions of ovens are heated by flue gases from a fire underneath, without direct contact of ashes or flue gases to the inside of the oven. In our ovens, all pizzas, breads, vegetable dishes, meat dishes, fish dishes and sweet cakes can be prepared. The ovens come equipped with a sturdy thermometer so that the temperature can be read.

We offer a wide selection of standard models, but we also design and build custom woodcookers and ovens. Starting with a sketch, drawing or clay model a masonry oven or cooker can be build. This creates a unique source of heat which we design according to your wishes. We also supply all materials needed to build an oven or cookstove on our webshop.
The construction of a baking oven depends on the heater in which it is placed, and the desired size of the oven. A professional oven where a hundred breads are baked daily requires more material and time than a variant that fits in a normal-sized heater.

We have cooked daily for over 20 years for our family and our guests on a wood burning cookstove that is extended with a wood-fired brick oven. In our showroom several cookstoves and ovens are on display. We have extensive practical experience and are glad to share our knowledge with you.