Extra information about cookstoves and bake ovens

Parts and Accessories:
Vuurmeesters provides all the accessories needed to make cooking a pleasure. Pizza peels, thermometers, high-quality oven mitts and soapstone pans and plates. We also supply all materials for DIY builders, from cast iron cooking plates to chamotte bricks and from refractory felt to ash boxes.
You can find these products on our parts and accessories page and on our webshop.

The hot gases from the wood burning cookstove or oven do not have to be guided directly to the chimney. They can run through a specially constructed bench or wall. On the way to the chimney the smoke and hot flue gases give off their heat, making the bench or wall wonderfully warm. This also means baking ovens and cookers do not need to be built directly underneath the chimney.
We also include, if possible, secondary combustion in the oven or cooker. Secondary combustion means air is injected to the back, top or side of the fire as well, which leads to optimum combustion and higher efficiency.

Heat exchangers and water reservoirs:
Just like our adobe heaters, finovens and Tulikivi soapstone models, our woodcookers and ovens can be extended with a heat exchanger. Using a heat exchanger, heat can be transferred to a floor-heating system, a wall heating system or it can be stored in a boiler or tank. Read more about our high-quality heat exchangers here.
It is possible to place a water reservoir in a masonry cookstove. The water flows through a water pipe into the reservoir made out of stainless steel. The approximately 20 liters of water in the reservoir are heated during and after firing. Once heated, the hot water can be drained through a low placed faucet. After burning wood and cooking you always have enough hot water to do your dishes.

A cookstove or oven as an extension of a massive heater:
Any accumulating heater can be extended with a wood burning cookstove. The stove can for example be placed on the kitchen side and the stove placed towards the living room side. This creates a true piece of heating furniture. When they are to be fired simultaneously a separate chimney is often required.
A stone or metal oven can be placed above the heater door of a massive heater, but also on the side or back of the heater.

Demonstration of ovens and stoves:
In our showroom we have built several baking ovens and woodcookers. These include a Tulikivi soapstone heater with built-in oven, a Tulikivi soapstone cookstove with built in oven and a finoven cooker with built-in oven. They are all three regularly fired and used.
During a visit to our showroom, we can show you how simple and easy it is to prepare something delicious. It is also possible to visit clients where we have built these kinds of heat sources in the past, to listen to their experiences.

Professional baking:
Vuurmeesters also designs and builds exclusive large ovens suitable for professional use. These are especially suited for bakers who have made baking with a wood fire their specialty. We have built baking ovens with an area suitable for 100 loaves.