Finoven introduction

The massive finovens of Tiileri operate according to the countercurrent principle, whereby the hot flue gases are led to the top of the heater and then forced to fall again before they escape through the chimney. During this long path, the flue gases give off the majority of their heat to the surrounding heater mass. The great mass of bricks in a finoven then ensures that this type of heater retains enough heat to radiate pleasantly for a very long time after firing. Finovens are also characterized by a very efficient and clean combustion.

We supply and build approximately 30 different models. Freestanding finovens, rounded models, see-through or tunnel heaters, finovens with ovens, woodcookers and cornerstoves. Big models for large living areas and smaller ones for smaller spaces. If desired, it is possible to adapt the heater dimensions to the situation, for example by building the brickwork higher than the specified standard sizes. All models with a bottom chimney connection can be extended with a heated bench or a heated wall. It is also possible to combine models: this way a true piece of heated furniture can be created, for example constructed from a combination of a heater in the living room and a cookstove in the kitchen.

The finovenmodels built and delivered by Vuurmeesters consist of a complete package of stove construction materials. This includes cut-to-size firebricks for the firing room and cut-to-size bricks for the outer walls. Furthermore, this package includes a heater door with ceramic glass, an ash box, a firing grate, refractory plates and lintels, mortars, cleaning shutters with mounting frame, ceramic wool, construction drawings and spare stones. As material for the outer wall you can choose between normal bricks or pressed adobe stones. The latter are not cut to size; we can however deliver them in either 7 or 9 centimeter wide stones. The heater door, ash box door and cleaning hatches are made of high quality cast iron. Vuurmeesters imports these products directly from Finland.

The bricks supplied in the finoven package are all cut to size and therefore the construction period is short. From floor level the finoven bricks are laid stone by stone until the heater gets its final shape. Average construction of these masonry heaters lasts four days. Then the finishing layer is applied: it consists of two layers of adobe mortar. If desired, the finoven can be painted with mineral paint or plaster.

During a heater building workshop we always build one or even several finoven models.
Due to the large mass, a requirement for a finoven is a structurally sound foundation. The finoven also requires a well-functioning chimney. For questions please contact us.