Extra information about finovens

Finovens are standard models but individual adjustments are certainly possible. A masonry heater can, for example, be build with masonry on all sides so that it is free-standing in the room. Vuurmeesters can lay bricks higher than the indicated standard sizes. This allows the finoven to connect to the ceiling, thus removing the chimney from view. This is mostly an aesthetic choice. After drying, the finoven can be painted in the color of your choice with a mineral paint, or by using colored plaster. Corners of models can be rounded, straight or extra sharp.
It is also possible to add small tiles or stones to the outer layer of adobe plaster.

Benches and walls:
The hot combustion gases are led through the finoven before they exit through the chimney. This normal countercurrent principle can be extended by steering them through a specially constructed wall or bench. Here the gases give off their energy, creating a pleasant warm surface. Thus, the heating capacity of the finoven increases and simultaneously a lovely place to sit and relax is created. All models with bottom connection can be extended with a heated bench. The bench is build from untempered refractory materials and pressed adobe bricks and has a cover of sandstone or any other natural stone. The size and shape of a heated bench can be adjusted to your wishes.

Heat exchanger:
A Toby Hafner heat exchanger can be placed in a finoven in the same way as in an adobe heater. The Tulikivi soapstone heaters, our woodcookers and bakeovens can also be extended with a heat exchanger. Through the use of a heat exchanger, the energy generated in the heater can be used for wall and floor heating, or can be stored in a buffer tank. .
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Complete construction kit
Vuurmeesters supplies construction kits for DIY builders. This finoven kit is delivered complete, including construction drawings. Only after participating in one of our hands-on heater building workshops is it possible to order a complete package to build yourself. Participants at the workshop receive a special finoven materials pricelist with price reduction. Our experience shows that workshop participants are perfectly capable of building a finoven after completing one of our workshops. Vuurmeesters also offers building assistance and professional advice to DIY builders and workshop participants.