Welcome to Vuurmeesters

Vuurmeesters is a Dutch artisan company with a passion for warmth and fire. We have designed, build and shipped exclusive accumulating wood-fired heaters since 1990. We know from experience that our masonry heaters become the center of any home. Here people meet each other, talk and tell each other stories. Near the warm stove and the cozy fire you can relax or read a good book.
On this website we provide information regarding our different types of fireplaces. During a visit to our showroom we are glad to give advice about the most suitable heater for you.

Our heaters operate on a simple and efficient principle whereby the stone mass of the stove absorbs the heat of the fire and then radiates this heat outwards for many hours. In most houses two hours of firing is sufficient for 24 hours of very pleasant radiant heating. Our hand-made heaters make it possible to use wood as a source of heat in a very safe, pleasant, economical and environmentally friendly way.

Read more about our heaters in general or choose one of the options listed below.

Adobe heaters
Masonry heaters with an outer shell made of compressed adobe blocks. By using these natural materials virtually any design is possible. Our adobe heaters have a finishing layer of adobe plaster. These heaters can be extended with for example a heated bench. read more
Standardized versions of adobe heaters. We supply various models of finovens: big or small, including corner-models and models with rounded edges. Most models can be extended with a heated bench.
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Tulikivi soapstone heaters
Accumulating fireplaces made of Finnish soapstone. These high efficiency heaters of the brand Tulikivi are build with an outer jacket of Finnish bedrock. They come in various models and designs.
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Bake-ovens and cookstoves
We supply and build various types of wood-burning ovens and cookstoves. Wood is not only a suitable biofuel for heating, it can also be easily used to cook great meals.
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